Sleeping In

where_angels_rest_by_obsidian_siren1It looks like I’ll still be sleeping in for the time being.  Things are becoming ridiculous, an ad for a cafe assistant in the Bowling Alley, must have tertiary qual. What the???

I’ve decided not to beat myself up re being out of work, try and get some things done around the house. Today I dug post holes, by hand. How elegant I looked in trackie pants, bit of a change from a business suit. I ran out of oomph after 2 holes, so cut firewood instead.

Meanwhile the quit smoking pill is beginning to work, the urge to smoke is not as strong, and I have cut down by 50%. The sugar craving has kicked in though. I had Bullets for dinner tonight, topped off with a Chocolate Chip HCB. If I keep this up, those business suits won’t fit!

We’ve had beautiful weather the last few days, and it’s a pleasure to be outdoors instead of being in an office. On the other hand, I checked my bank balance today and wished I was in that office. You can only pay bills for so long, without any income. The other half is working, his first pay is due next week. Thank goodness we were able to avoid Centrelink. Looking forward to ATO bonus.

WordPress Exercise

___angel______by_liekMy WordPress debut, an interesting exercise. Blogger has turned my blog into 2, both with the same address. Although the forum tells me that is absolutely impossible, and to look at both URL’s, and they will be different. I did, and they are not.

I’m wondering if I import my blog, it will bring the one I want, or the one I don’t want, maybe both, who knows? Worse still, they will  disappear, and 2 years of my blogging will be totally lost.

I think some research is needed before I commit, don’t you?


I have finally escaped, but how come I don’t feel any different?

It took a couple of weeks to get her face out of my head every time I shut my eyes. Now, her face only appears now and then.

I can’t sleep, so tried Valarian a couple of times. I had nightmares, spiders and tigers, so decided to give it a miss. I hate spiders.

I am gardening frantically, trying to get so tired that I will sleep. It’s not happening, and I dread going to bed. I used to meditate to get to sleep, but can’t manage to do that any more. Some refresher meditation classes might be in order, I think.

Not working is having a very bad effect on the bank balance, not sure what will happen with the house. Can’t keep paying a mortgage with no income. So………..we’ll wait for a few more weeks and see what happens.

On a more positive note, I have started on the ‘quit smoking pill. I’m only on day 2, and have not noticed any side effects, and so far it has not stopped my cravings. I had to set a day to stop smoking, which I have done. Saturday 18th April. Hmmm!!!

I guess it’s not so bad, as B said, we’re still alive, have running water and electricity. Until we are unable to pay the bills, that is. 🙂

Yellow Heart – Black Heart

I’ve changed colour this time, yellow instead of black, but nothing has changed.

Well, maybe some things have changed. On reflection, a lot has changed.

This pretense we call life, struggling to keep an image, working to live or living to work, which ever one it is.

Longer hours, with nothing to show except extra stress. Everyone afraid if they don’t put in extra time, a replacement will be found. The replacement will, of course endeavour to live up to your image and in turn be caught in the trap.

I got over it. The big money, the entrenched lies that go with the job, the pretend ‘everything is perfect’ world. Oh, forgot the blame game, the happy, joyous corporate world , where everything that goes wrong in the higher echelons is always someone else’s fault.

Have you ever noticed your employer will NEVER take the blame, even though he/she made the mistake? I only had one boss that ever did that, and he was a car dealer. Just goes to show that car salesmen have more integrity than you imagined.

Black Heart – Black Wings

Well, it’s come around again. Payday. No wages in the bank again. Not even an email this time.

I rang H/O and asked, the person I spoke to was in the same boat as me. Exec’s were not available to talk to. Remember, I changed my direct debit days? Maybe I should make it the week after??

In the meantime I had my interview, I blew it completely because I was over stressed re no wages. I could have kicked myself for giving incorrect answers to questions I actually know backwards.

The icing on the cake: An email right at knock off time!! Guess what?? Due to a technical hitch were were unable to process the payroll on Monday night, Tuesday night and also tonight. We may possibly have it sorted out tomorrow.

Victoria Burning – Man Charged – Churchill Fire

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/02/13/2491107.htm
A man accused of lighting the Churchill-Jeerelang bushfire in Gippsland, in Victoria’s east has been remanded in custody.The fire started in plantation near Churchill on Saturday and quickly spread to nearby communities. Twenty-one people are confirmed to have died in that fire.

The man was arrested this morning and taken to the Morwell police station where he was questioned for several hours. He has been charged with one count of arson causing death, one count of intentionally lighting a bushfire and one count of possessing child pornography.
The man did not appear in court.

The court heard the man is in a fragile mental state and magistrate Clive Alsop made an order that he be assessed by a psychologist.The man will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.

Assistant Police Commissioner Dannye Maloney says the man has been moved to Melbourne due to security concerns.”People are pointing fingers, people are jumping to conclusions, rumours and innuendos are ebbing… we do not need that,” he said. “Let Victoria Police do its role, we identified this person, we are prosecuting this person on behalf of the community.”

Police are still urging anyone with any information on the fires across the state to come forward.
The total bushfire death toll stands at 181.

Victoria Burning – My Skyline

If we weren’t burning, the sky would be beautiful. I’m all fired out, and need something light.

I have lost all my comments, along with the line breaks in my posts. I need some help with this. Blogger doesn’t help me, as my brain doesn’t work in “html”.

It’s more than likely me that has stuffed something up on the settings. That took 5 minutes, now back to the fires.

There are 29 fires still burning in Victoria. Two major fires look like they are going to join. The Police have found two people who are assisting them with their enquiries. Someone told me an 11 year old boy was being interviewed, but I don’t know if this is actually the case.

Which ever way you look at it, it’s sad. They have not yet released the names of the deceased, nor are there any death notices for the fire victims. I wish I had some good news.

Victoria Still Burning

Still burning. Unbelievable pictures taken by everyday ordinary Australians. We have our television channels back now, watching the utter devestation has me in tears a lot of the time.
The names of the dead are slowly filtering through, along with the pictures. I have lived here for so long, and know so many people, it’s scary. I may not know the name, but the faces are familiar. You know the ones that you pass on the way to school, or the supermarket. The people you smile at when you pass them on the street, or wait in the queue at the bank with.
I’m too scared to watch, and find myself in tears often. I don’t think there is a person in country Victoria that hasn’t been touched by this fire in some way. Somehow there is always a smile at the end of the tears. It leaves me nearly speechless.

Victoria Burning – Gippsland 9pm Saturday

The following is the email I sent to my daughter and friend in Perth.:

Hi ******,

On alert:: Walhalla, Erica, Glengarry, Toongabbie, Cowwarr, Warragul, Drouin. Burning: Pakenham, Narre Warren, Churchill, Traralgon South, Tarra Bulga Nat Park, Balook, Jindivick, Callignee, North and South, Yarram, Won Wron, Woodside, all the beach side towns, and everything in-between, Mt Tassie transmitter towers are gone.

We watched the hills on the other side of the Valley burn from the back of Churchill to Mt Tassie, 60 K’s as the crow flies in 2 hours. All this from our front yard, along with our local CFA reps, and most of the population of Yallourn North. It was spectacular, the flames 1000 meters high.
I’ve never seen anything like it.

By 5.30pm it was as black as night, the air thick with dark choking smoke, making it hard to breathe. By 7pm, it started to rain lightly, black rain. It cleared the smoke a little. The Princes Highway is cut at Pakenham, Warragul, Morwell, Stratford, Sale, amongst other major towns, there are hundreds of road blocks, including the Walhalla Erica road from Tyers. Closer to home, 2 k’s, Strettons Track caught fire, was put out, and a couple of hours later caught again and is now contained. The wind was gusting up to 120k’s an hour, so very hot.

Right now: There are Thunder storms happening with spectacular lightening, starting more fires. No rain with it here. The smoke is thick and is making me choke, ABC Radio just alerted us that the fire has pushed through to Traralgon South which is now burning, and is moving quickly towards Loy Yang. They have put us on alert for the next 4 hours, the wind will change direction and come from the South West, pushing the fires right towards us. The radio signal is coming and going, I just heard there were casualties, but not the whereabouts. Visibility is down to 200 meters, we have been told not to drive, it’s too dangerous, hence all the road blocks.

Sunday 2pm. The smoke damage is awful, house is full of black ash. We are so very, very lucky.

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