Interesting day. Hmmm…….. Annonymous. No faces, no names.

Today I voiced my opinion regarding the non payment of wages, and my negative outlook at the present time because of this. It ended up a total fiasco.

My husband resigned. The boss went nuts.

A little later……….I was asked to resign, I refused. She basically said she would make life very difficult, and that I couldn’t do my job properly. Which I can, by the way. My performance targets are way up, on one side, the other side is unmarketable in it’s present form, as has been documented in numerous meetings, by her. But, like all good bosses, she changed her mind and blamed it on me.

The thing is, unless they actually produce the product, and the purchaser pays in full, I don’t get commission. People get sick of waiting, pull out, and I lose out. I reckon around $14,000 this financial year.