Sleeping In

where_angels_rest_by_obsidian_siren1It looks like I’ll still be sleeping in for the time being.  Things are becoming ridiculous, an ad for a cafe assistant in the Bowling Alley, must have tertiary qual. What the???

I’ve decided not to beat myself up re being out of work, try and get some things done around the house. Today I dug post holes, by hand. How elegant I looked in trackie pants, bit of a change from a business suit. I ran out of oomph after 2 holes, so cut firewood instead.

Meanwhile the quit smoking pill is beginning to work, the urge to smoke is not as strong, and I have cut down by 50%. The sugar craving has kicked in though. I had Bullets for dinner tonight, topped off with a Chocolate Chip HCB. If I keep this up, those business suits won’t fit!

We’ve had beautiful weather the last few days, and it’s a pleasure to be outdoors instead of being in an office. On the other hand, I checked my bank balance today and wished I was in that office. You can only pay bills for so long, without any income. The other half is working, his first pay is due next week. Thank goodness we were able to avoid Centrelink. Looking forward to ATO bonus.

WordPress Exercise

___angel______by_liekMy WordPress debut, an interesting exercise. Blogger has turned my blog into 2, both with the same address. Although the forum tells me that is absolutely impossible, and to look at both URL’s, and they will be different. I did, and they are not.

I’m wondering if I import my blog, it will bring the one I want, or the one I don’t want, maybe both, who knows? Worse still, they will  disappear, and 2 years of my blogging will be totally lost.

I think some research is needed before I commit, don’t you?