Black Heart – Black Wings

Well, it’s come around again. Payday. No wages in the bank again. Not even an email this time.

I rang H/O and asked, the person I spoke to was in the same boat as me. Exec’s were not available to talk to. Remember, I changed my direct debit days? Maybe I should make it the week after??

In the meantime I had my interview, I blew it completely because I was over stressed re no wages. I could have kicked myself for giving incorrect answers to questions I actually know backwards.

The icing on the cake: An email right at knock off time!! Guess what?? Due to a technical hitch were were unable to process the payroll on Monday night, Tuesday night and also tonight. We may possibly have it sorted out tomorrow.


Crashed, Trapped & Burned

Have you ever got to that place in your life, when you feel you have crashed and burned? I don’t mean literally.

That place where you feel you can go no further, you are stuck. Everything seems to be at a standstill. Stuck in a job you don’t like, in a place that you hate more and more each day.

You feel you will be at this place forever, no moving on. You’ve given up on being well off, with a reasonable house and NO mortgage. I forgot to ad the credit card, definitely NO creditcard. Well, no credit card debt, anyway.

The car, another thing I’d love to ditch. Payments, that is.

I have a job interview next week, I guess in the end it will become the same. A means to an end. It just feels as if it will never end.

I’m not sure if I have ever loved my job. I can’t remember when I last jumped out of bed, and couldn’t wait to get to work. I don’t think it has ever happened.

The icing on the cake: Not being paid on time. Three times in a row. Can you believe they told us to move our direct debits forward 2 days, because they couldn’t guarantee we’d be paid on time? I believe the words were “We’ll go broke together” Can you believe that shit?

I rebelled and got to work very, very late. When asked my reason, I said if she couldn’t pay me on time, I couldn’t get to work on time.

On another topic, Victoria still has 15 fires buning. Different areas being threatened, more stress on families. Now they are talking about only re- building the homes that were insured, how un fair is that? Over two thousand homes lost, and two and a half thousand sheds, multiple businesses.

I guess that’s my bit said for the end of the month.

Victoria Burning – Protection for the Arsonist- No protection for the Victims

They are not releasing his name We should know. We need to ow. We want to know. PLEASE
What does ‘fragile state of mind’ mean? Does he have a disability, a mental illness? WHAT? Is he a husband, a father, we should know. He deserves to be lynched.
I went searching for a Fiery Angel pic, and found this. I thought Angel of Revenge, then realised it had one of the Psalms attached, Psalm 90. It’s about protection. I guess that would be protection for the ARSONIST.


Does that seem fair? Why should he deserve to be protected, any more than another criminal?

There must be someone out there that knows his name. We want to know. In fact, we demand to know. So, who is he?

Victoria Burning – Man Charged – Churchill Fire

A man accused of lighting the Churchill-Jeerelang bushfire in Gippsland, in Victoria’s east has been remanded in custody.The fire started in plantation near Churchill on Saturday and quickly spread to nearby communities. Twenty-one people are confirmed to have died in that fire.

The man was arrested this morning and taken to the Morwell police station where he was questioned for several hours. He has been charged with one count of arson causing death, one count of intentionally lighting a bushfire and one count of possessing child pornography.
The man did not appear in court.

The court heard the man is in a fragile mental state and magistrate Clive Alsop made an order that he be assessed by a psychologist.The man will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.

Assistant Police Commissioner Dannye Maloney says the man has been moved to Melbourne due to security concerns.”People are pointing fingers, people are jumping to conclusions, rumours and innuendos are ebbing… we do not need that,” he said. “Let Victoria Police do its role, we identified this person, we are prosecuting this person on behalf of the community.”

Police are still urging anyone with any information on the fires across the state to come forward.
The total bushfire death toll stands at 181.

Victoria Burning – Devastation – No Words

Victoria Burning – My Skyline

If we weren’t burning, the sky would be beautiful. I’m all fired out, and need something light.

I have lost all my comments, along with the line breaks in my posts. I need some help with this. Blogger doesn’t help me, as my brain doesn’t work in “html”.

It’s more than likely me that has stuffed something up on the settings. That took 5 minutes, now back to the fires.

There are 29 fires still burning in Victoria. Two major fires look like they are going to join. The Police have found two people who are assisting them with their enquiries. Someone told me an 11 year old boy was being interviewed, but I don’t know if this is actually the case.

Which ever way you look at it, it’s sad. They have not yet released the names of the deceased, nor are there any death notices for the fire victims. I wish I had some good news.

Victoria Burning – I Hate Greenies & Arsonists

I can’t begin to tell you how we are feeling. The shock has started to wear off a little, but along with that comes severe anger and frustration.

At this time, I’m so glad I don’t know a Greenie. Those bloody City people, who know nothing about the bush, who have managed to get laws passed that will not allow us to cut down trees surrounding country properties, thus endangering lives. 29 fires are still burning.
Those dickheads who chain themselves to trees, professional protesters, who are paid. They have also managed to destroy a hundred odd years of tradition, Alpine Cattle Grazing, by having that banned as well, and turning it into the Alpine National Park, because of some little plants or frogs (something like that). Who frigging cares? Aren’t human lives worth more than a frogs, or an endangered plant?
You say no? Then F off all Greenies and Arsonists. You deserve the Death Penalty. 181 lives lost, over a thousand homes, then we come to livelihoods, livestock. You WANKERS. The undergrowth is long, we have been in drought for 12 years. The only house left standing in one area had removed the trees around the house. They were taken to court, charged with Environmental Damage and fined. It cost them $100,000, but saved their lives.
Well Greenies and Arsonists, happy now? I suggest you go chain your selves to the trees that have cost victims their lives and others their livlihoods, enjoy yourselves.

Victoria Still Burning

Still burning. Unbelievable pictures taken by everyday ordinary Australians. We have our television channels back now, watching the utter devestation has me in tears a lot of the time.
The names of the dead are slowly filtering through, along with the pictures. I have lived here for so long, and know so many people, it’s scary. I may not know the name, but the faces are familiar. You know the ones that you pass on the way to school, or the supermarket. The people you smile at when you pass them on the street, or wait in the queue at the bank with.
I’m too scared to watch, and find myself in tears often. I don’t think there is a person in country Victoria that hasn’t been touched by this fire in some way. Somehow there is always a smile at the end of the tears. It leaves me nearly speechless.

Eye See You – Tea and Sympathy

Hi Readers,
You all know that I feed off others posts, especially if I see a perceived “wrong”. I had an email from a friend telling me to check out a blog and particular thread. Of course, I did. I always take a hint when offered, as sometimes I don’t bother to read the comments at all, or even make a comment, but enjoy reading the article.
Someone was caught out badly, and if I’m correct will be even more caught out later this week. People really should not tell fibs, especially when doing so for sympathy. You have to be very careful. I can vouch for that, personal experience talking. I tried being 3 people at once, very confusing. I told fibs AND got caught out. I found an apology was the only way to recover my otherwise unsullied reputation. HAHA. I actually no longer care, though it has taken me some time to get over the “caring” bit.
You never remember your fibs, unless you are very, very clever. Obviously I’m not that clever, and neither is the person concerned.
Me thinks a little tea and sympathy is called for. Everyone seems to take on a different persona when blogging. You can say nasty / nice things, and be tagged as exactly that for the rest of your blogging career. People remember what you said, and when you said it. There is always a time when you have a lapse from your “persona,” and make a mistake. Very forgivable, if admitted.
Usually you start out on a straight line, then a little down the track it deviates. A fib here, a fib there, and you’re trapped. You either have to stick with it and keep going, take on a different persona and start fresh, or apologise. I chose to apologise, that was a couple of years ago now.
As per usual after my lost comments, contact is via email.

Victoria Burning – Gippsland Monday, 6pm

ABC radio has announced there are 21 dead in this area, 130 all up and they expect to find more. It will take months for investigators to sift through burnt homes. We are virtually cut off from TV, with one Melbourne channel, 10. No local channels at all, so cannot envision the rest of the State.

The Churchill fire has broken containment lines, and local communities are again on high alert. They have been told it is too late to run.

I spoke with a client in Yarram today, who told me two locals had died, she provided me with their names, I cried. A little later I gathered the courage to ring one of their relatives, right name, wrong family. I still cried.

On my way to post some mail after work, a fire truck roared past me with lights flashing and siren on. Tears again. I’m feeling sick with apprehension. I couldn’t imagine living in a war zone for months on end.

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