Believe in Angels

Angels are everywhere? Oh,you poor things. I have enough trouble with just me, let alone any more Angels.

I had the pits of a weekend. I did a major stuff up at work, actually I didn’t do it, but I didn’t check something I should have, instead I assumed. I got my backside kicked, too.

I deserved it, but I don’t like being wrong. Therein lies the problem. Like a naughty child, I answered back. Because “she, who can do no wrong” is always right. That’s not me, by the way, that’s one of the other employees. She is always right, even if she’s wrong.

After all these years of multiple people complaining about her, being fed up with the lies coming from her mouth, she is still believed. Customers complain about her, and she gets away with it.

Why? She makes money for the company, that’s why. She’s loyal, and they own her, body and soul. I could give names of at least 60 people who have made a verbal complaint against her, but because of the industry I work in, will not formalise in writing. They are, I guess you could call them vunerable. They are not at a strong point in their lives. is the only way I can put it without telling you exactly what industry it is.

Apart from that, I don’t want to get into any more trouble!!! I email the boss now and then, but have to make sure I use my other email address, just in case she happens accross my ramblings here.

My team lost the Grandfinal on Saturday, but they weren’t humiliated. They played a good game most of the time, but why did they send Gary Ablett to the back line, instead of forward at the beginning? Never mind, there is always next year.

Next post I hope to be back to ‘normal’, although I am told ‘normal’ is a cycle on a washing machine.


Angels Eye (RAQ)

For the first time in ages I am starting to feel good, like my old self, with out the old bit.

I’ve read the comment sections on 2 blogs, instead of just reading the article. I haven’t done that in ages, and I remember why I stopped.

Some people make the most inane remarks. I wonder if they can see their lack of sensitivity on certain topics, you know, the one’s close to my heart

For instance on Last of Iraqis, the following: Iraq is not a major conflict. Is that supposed to be a joke, or is the commenter just a clutz?

I have yet to read Arab Woman Blues comment section. Who knows what one will find there.

In other news, my Mum’s book has been reviewed and made front page news here, and has also been reviewed in the USA. Many thanks to my cousin, who’s hard work has paid off. Mum received her first Royalty cheque today. Not much, but better than nothing.

Janice is missing again, but I have found B. I have been very neglectful of my blogging friends, and sites I usually comment on. Apologies to all. Sh*t happens in your life that you have no control over, when that happens I don’t talk, or should I say don’t write and/or communicate.