The Spooky Room and Angel

I have been involved in Wicca for quite a long time now. My interest evolved quite slowly and very much to my surprise. In fact, it scared the living hell out of me.

I was driving to a friends new home, and became very lost. Along the way I saw a property with a For Sale sign , the garden lush and overgrown. I felt an urgent need to see inside. Just as I was about to knock, the door opened, and before me was a woman with the most striking green eyes I had ever seen. She held my attention for quite some time. Before the day was out, I had bought myself a house. I felt such affinity to that place the moment I laid eyes on it.

It began about 2 weeks after we moved in. One of the girls contracted measles, I had put her in my bed for some needed peace and quiet. About half an hour later I went in to check on her, the room was freezing and the hairs on the back of my neck began to prickle. I could see the steam coming from my breath.

Let me explain. It was February, a late afternoon in Perth. The Freemantle Doctor had given us a miss that day and it was stinking hot, around 43 degree’s. The house was double brick and had high vaulted ceilings, which helped it remain reasonably comfortable in the heat. There was no air conditioning.

I stepped in and out of the room several times, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I called the others, on the pretext of visiting their daughter/sister. I wanted to see if there was any reaction from them. There was, “it’s a bit chilly”, ” it’s freezing in here”, and “it’s creepy”. At this point I had not mentioned anything about “the room”. There was even a reaction from my dog Becky, who loved to be on my bed. She refused to go in. She sat just back from door, hackles raised, growling.

That was the first time “it “happened.. My other half thought I had gone slightly loopy. When he was working away, I couldn’t sleep in the bedroom. I slept with one of the kids, or on the couch. I bought extra blankets, I even had thermal pj’s sent over from Victoria, and was still cold. No, definitely not joking, or crazy either.

The kids named it the “Spooky Room”, except for the one who had measles. I found that very strange at the time. She explained later that she was burning up, and felt comfortable in “there”.

Anyway, the rumor’s ran rife within the school community. My bedroom gained quite a reputation. Some weeks later, there was a knock on my door. It was one of the Mum’s from the school, we had seen each other before, but had not met as our kids were in different classes….so, she introduced herself to me, and said she had heard I had a problem with “The Spooky Room”

She went on to explain the previous owner was a member of the Wiccan community, and used the Ouija board every Friday night, quite successfully. I was dumbfounded, and just stared at her. I didn’t believe in that rubbish. I must have appeared quite rude, she talked for about 10 minutes before I asked her in for coffee.

We did a lot of talking, over many weeks. The more she talked, the more interested I became. I researched a lot. I had no Internet at that time and the local library was quite outdated, although I did happen upon some copies of Grimoire’s that were extremely interesting.

This story is by no means finished, I’ll call it Installment No. 1.