Wings of Hope and Angels

For my blogger friend, who thinks this site is dark and a bit depressing. I hope this picture cheers you up, Pegasus is exquisite.

Iraq is, at this point destroyed. Lives, livlihoods, sanity, are all gone. It is burnt and razed to the ground. There will never be another Iraq, as we knew it. This is a given, for her citizens. Millions of displaced Iraqi’s are spread over the Middle East, most not welcome in their host countries. Hell, they’re not even welcome in their own country, just ask the Americans, I’m sure they will tell you. A lot living in squalor, dying of disease, and lack of everything you or I would take as granted.

If perchance the US were to leave Iraqi’s to fend for themselves it would possibly be called abandonment, by a lot of do-gooders. Really though, those who can have left the nest, leaving what’s left to the vultures. You know, those Iranian, American Turkish, Kurdish, Israeli, Shia militias. Oops, forgot Blackwater and the other private contracters. Anyone else want to join in the militia group? Why not, the more the merrier.

The US is in debt to China, up to it’s neck. Their rising mortgage crisis is damaging their credibility and their economy is shot to pieces. Bush and his war mongering mate, Cheney, have destroyed the strong economy of two countries, for a war that cannot be won. It makes you wonder how gullible the American voters are. Isn’t is about time the citizens of that “fair” country got rid of their government, who have shown themselves to be corrupt to the very core.

It’s about time we, Britain and Australia got off our backsides, and did something about this mess. That we helped cause it, is morally bankrupt, that we let our elected leaders join Bush is more than remiss, it is gross negligence.


Bush’s Gift to Iraq & No Angels

The Gift
Copyright AL

The tears fall
As she lays dying
Screaming in pain
She follows us
On the path to death


We took her
Broke her
Tore her down
We broke her heart

Hatred fills her veins
She knows we did this
For oil and lies
Hating us for it
We have given her
Something to fight for

Her heart is filled with love
For killing
For hatred
Hatred for us

She is now
A place of pain
A place of death
A place of sorrow

Torn and bleeding
She still strives to live

Christianity and the Angel of Death

Christians these days, do not associate themselves with being the cause of death and destruction. That is strange, given our history of invasion and colonisation.

Here is a little example of Christian Terrorism, how very apt for this to turn up, via Layla, at this time.

It was us, was it not, that invaded the “Holy Land” first? What do I hear to that? No comment.

We have a long history of invasion, destruction, and death. We cannot see it. That was back then, right? Yes, but it is still happening now. No, I’m not talking about Iraq, amazing!

We are often reminded by the media and the USA, of the age old feud’s in the Middle East, between Sunni and Shia, Palestinians and Jews, Turks and Kurds, the list goes on and on. “They are killing each other” Unfortunately, that is partly true. Do we ever associate the rivalry with current day events in the West? The answer is no, of course.

Now, a reminder. The Hell’s Angels and the Gypsy Jokers, as an example, are tribes that are warring. The rival gangs we hear about in Western cities, are tribe’s of a sort.

These people are raised as Christians, or at the very least, in the so called “civilized” West. These “civilized” people are killing each other with guns, knives, and whatever else they can lay their hands on. If one of them is killed, there is a revenge killing, or a savage brutal beating.

What would you call this? Gang warfare. In tribal terms, or even soldiers terms, it would be “looking out for your family”, or “watching your mates back”. An Americanism, “we blood, bro, you kill my blood, we kill your blood”. This is all out war, yet no-one can see it. Why? Because it is part of everyday life. There are none so blind as those who cannot see.

What we refuse to see, is that this IS tribal, it IS war. Did I hear you say they don’t blow each other up? Really?

Dare I mention Northern Ireland? Or are they all Muslims too?

Angels Crying and Christian Terrorists

The following came out of a discussion on blogocrcy, the topic was of tortured kidnap victims and offering terrorists the ability to sit and talk of their grievances, over tea and cake. The hypothetical subject, a child has been kidnapped, by, who else, except those of the Muslim Faith.

On the blog, no-one pointed out that Christians are just as capable of terrorism as any other religion. The terrorists were repeatedly referred to as Muslims.

The following, from a blogger:

Of course if she died yet could have been saved you could
always pray at her graveside & try to explain, “Sorry dear, I couldn’t save you on moral grounds.

My response, based on real life:

At the time, I did try to explain that one to my Mother and Grandy, but they didn’t take it very well, and were absolutely distraught. No-one could save anyone on moral grounds. The morality of the Americans had disappeared.

No-one could pray at the graveside, the cemetary, blown up by the Americans was unavailable for burials. Apart from that, the body bits didn’t match, or were unaccessible due to miniscule sizes. Sort of like a jigsaw puzzle, with missing pieces. No coffins either, just cardboard boxes.

The US terrorists were offered tea and cake, to placate their thirst for bloodlust and torture, fuelled by self righteousness and outright lies. With the thrill of the kill fresh in their minds, they refused, and shot them one by one. The shootings continue to this day.

There are make believe scenarios and there are real one’s. Some of you seem to be unable to decipher differing types of torture, and who applies it. You choose to ignore the fact that terrorism in Christianity exists.