Too many Ands.

Why is it so? The people of the West think they know what is right for the rest of the world.

Is the Middle East doomed to a living hell, being mismanaged , orchestrated and puppeteered by people like Bush? He has set a time line for troops. Really, he has. Honestly. He said so.

Except for troops training Iraqi soldiers. And police. And diplomats. And US bases. And those looking for terrorists. And insurgents. And militia. And, and, and. I forgot, and the Green Zone.

One good thing. This is stirring up world wide controversy, here in Aus it is a hot topic. People are beginning to see the US for what it is, a Bully boy, who deals with the world exactly as he wants.

Also, it’s nearly election time here. Our Liberal government, in power for 11 years, is going to get dumped, bigtime. I can’t wait. That’s not to say the next Prime Minister won’t be allied to the US, but hopefully will be more truthful. It’s got to do with import/export/farm produce, our economy and just about everything, it seems. One more, and Bully Boy, of course.

I did say there were too many ands.

I added the picture today. I saw it as something beautiful, fire and ice, in a world that is ugly, and that should be ashamed of itself. Either ashamed because they joined the US or ashamed because they stood by, and watched.



After hearing the news regarding the College shootings in Virginia, my eyes opened wide in disbelief as I listened to the White House Wanker say:

“They were in the wrong place at the wrong time

That struck a raw nerve in my gut. I thought about all the students in Iraq, the grieving parents and grandparents, the deaths and carnage left by the Americans. The insults and rapes by their oh so trustworthy soldiers.

However much I felt for the parents of the Virginia students, it was negated by Bush opening his mouth. But, then again any World Power who gives the population open access to guns, with no embargo, is asking for trouble.

In America, they are very big on the word trust, but can you trust them? No way. They can’t even be trusted to be kind to a dog, as we have seen.

What an inane, senseless, society. Where is their culture? Their heritage? I’ll tell you. It’s in a cup of tea. I’ll leave you to figure that one out.

Family Hell

Many years ago my race was nearly wiped out, I’m talking Assyrian here, so it’s going back a long, long time. There were the Kurdo Turkish massacres in 1915 and various other’s over the years.

I used to listen to the oldies talk, now there are not many oldies left. I never took any notice of what they were saying, couldn’t be bothered. And now it’s too late.

That was the start of the curse.

Now the curse is in Iraq. Anyone who lives in Iraq or who has family there, is not untouched by the murder and mayhem caused by the illegal invasion and occupation. Good old USA.

Look what liberation has done for them. Yeah, right, more like OIL. Killed their president, destabilised the whole region, destroyed families and incomes. Destroyed peace of mind. Hell, destroyed everything!

There is no nice words that I can use to describe the ‘warm, wonderful, and loving’ nature of President Bush. Dead set country hick, knows nothing except the ways of the KKK. I guess that’s where he learned to be “master”.

What is it like to be the Supreme Commander of Hell? In fact, he should not be a Supreme Commander, unless he is a resident. Should we demand that he live in hell for a while? Not in the Green Zone though. Somewhere nicer than that. By himself. Could we organise for the kill and drill team to visit?

How proud must the Americans feel? Super Power of the World. Do they realise the world looks on them as the Nazi’s of the Milenium? Go team USA!